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Tipping Point New Mexico

Tipping Point New Mexico is the official podcast of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico, hosted by Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, and Wally Drangmeister.

336 George Mocsary – “The 2nd Amendment as Tyranny Control” Tipping Point New Mexico

George Mocsary is a law professor at the University of Wyoming who once clerked in Albuquerque for a federal judge here. He is among other things an expert on the 2nd amendment. He was in Albuquerque recently to speak at an event sponsored by the Rio Grande Foundation and the New Mexico chapter of the … Continue reading "336 George Mocsary – “The 2nd Amendment as Tyranny Control”" The post 336 George Mocsary – “The 2nd Amendment as Tyranny Control” appeared first on Tipping Point New Mexico.
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Errors of Enchantment

Errors of Enchantment is the official blog of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico.

  • by Paul Gessing
    According to this from Forbes Magazine, the Biden Administration wants to snoop directly into your bank accounts. The provision described below is contained in the so-called American Families Plan. Not only would this initiative basically eliminate any semblance of financial privacy, it would also require a massive and costly enforcement mechanism on the part of […]
  • by Paul Gessing
    Recently we were sent a link to a new report from the folks at Choose Energy. The analysis shows how each state generates its electricity and how much is generated. We compared New Mexico with a few of its neighbors as well as California which is pursuing similar policies. You can see these data below […]
  • by Paul Gessing
    The following appeared on Sep. 16, 2021 at KRWG.       The news that New Mexico’s oil and gas industry has again generated record-breaking revenues for the State was welcomed by policymakers and interest groups alike. But the disconnect between the State budget picture and the economic situation for average New Mexicans could not […]
  • by Paul Gessing
    As has been widely reported, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla recently set up shop on the Nambé Pueblo near Santa Fe. The company which typically sells its cars directly to consumers had been unable to do this directly under New Mexico Law. Curiously this move drew praise from Gov. Lujan Grisham who has in the past […]

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