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The mission of the Rio Grande Foundation is to increase liberty and prosperity for all of New Mexico by informing citizens of the importance of individual freedom, limited government, and economic opportunity.

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Tipping Point New Mexico

Tipping Point New Mexico is the official podcast of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico, hosted by Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation, and Wally Drangmeister.

404 Carol M. Swain – Challenging Critical Race Theory Tipping Point New Mexico

On this week’s conversation Paul sits down with author and speaker Dr. Carol Swain. Swain is an academic, author, and writer who has taken on the issue of “critical race theory,” what it means, its “intellectual” beginnings, and why it is harmful to Americans of all races and classes. Swain was recently in Albuquerque recently to give a talk and Paul … Continue reading "404 Carol M. Swain – Challenging Critical Race Theory" The post 404 Carol M. Swain – Challenging Critical Race Theory appeared first on Tipping Point New Mexico.
  1. 404 Carol M. Swain – Challenging Critical Race Theory
  2. 403 Gas Prices, Electricity Problems, Forest Fires and more
  3. 402 Daniel Suhr – Vaccine Mandates and Roe Leak
  4. 401 Clean Car Rule, “Living Lots” for Albuquerque, Virgin Galactic Delayed Again and more

Errors of Enchantment

Errors of Enchantment is the official blog of the Rio Grande Foundation that addresses public policy issues facing New Mexico.

  • by Paul Gessing
    At the Rio Grande Foundation we decried Gov. Lujan Grisham’s school “lockdown” policy from the start of the 2020-2021 school year once it was scientifically-accepted that classrooms and schools were not primary vectors of COVID 19. Unfortunately, unions and Gov. MLG did not pay attention to “the science” and kept New Mexico schools in “virtual” […]
  • by Paul Gessing
    Gov. Lujan Grisham recently continued her attempt to simultaneously keep the oil and gas revenue spigot flowing while enacting enough policies from the radical environmental agenda to placate her political and fundraising base. Her latest plan, known as the Clean Car Rule, was adopted by her handpicked Environmental Improvement Board (EIB). Governor-appointed boards are far […]
  • by Paul Gessing
    Biden Interior Secretary Deb Haaland struggles to explain a memo from HER department calling for the shut down of new oil leases. “I am sorry, and am sitting in this hearing and not ………” — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 19, 2022 At a Senate hearing recently Democrat Senator Joe Manchin called out Secretary of […]
  • by Paul Gessing
    With out-of-control gas prices and increasing fears of electricity shortages (especially in the West), energy and energy prices are certainly underpinning America’s ongoing inflation problem, and if things get bad enough with the power grid this summer, inflation may not be the worst of our problems. And, while Americans see the rapid increase in gasoline […]

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