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Riding the Rails to Financial Disaster!
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Albuquerque Needs a New Bus Stop (Strategy)!
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Self-Sustaining When? Heaven Only Knows!
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Why is Hollywood Panhandling in New Mexico?
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Higher Taxes … the Last Thing New Mexico Needs!
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New Mexico’s Extraction Industries … What Next?

New Mexico’s Top Issues

Give voters a say on yet another tax increase

Bernalillo County is coming after your wallets – again. The latest money grab is for a 3/16ths percent increase in the gross receipts tax. Since 2000, the local GRT burden has jumped from 5.8125 percent to 7.3125 percent. This latest proposal would…

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Tax Reform Activist Grover Norquist to Keynote Rio Grande Foundation Luncheon: What President Trump and Congress Mean for Healthcare and Tax Reform

Rio Grande Foundation Speaker Series Event: Tax Reform Activist Grover Norquist to Keynote Rio Grande Foundation Luncheon: What President Trump and Congress Mean for Healthcare and Tax Reform Click here for registration form. Grover Norquist is…

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New Mexico Liberals’ Tax Hypocrisy

A version of the op-ed below ran in The Los Alamos Monitor on March 12. What makes a tax “good” or “bad?” Fairness is often in the eye of the beholder. Should the wealthy pay more, as a percentage of their income? If so, a…

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Rio Grande Foundation Videos

Is addressing the “tax gap” an easy way for New Mexico to generate more tax dollars?

I sat down with KOB TV to discuss the gap between taxes owed in New Mexico and taxes actually collected. This is based on a report from the Legislative Finance Committee which claimed that New Mexico is missing out on nearly $600 million in tax...
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KOB TV interview: What would marijuana legalization mean for New Mexico’s finances?

KOB TV reporter Caleb James did an in-depth report (including a trip to Colorado) on marijuana, what legalization could mean for New Mexico, and how much revenue is leaving our state. Check out the story here (RGF president Paul Gessing is featured...
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Las Cruces TV interview: Preview of 2017 legislative session

Paul Gessing was recently in Las Cruces and sat down with Fred Martino of KRWG TV to discuss some of the issues that Rio Grande Foundation is working on and some of the issues facing our State in the 2017 legislative session. The interview is about...
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