The Rio Grande Foundation is pleased to again bring you a unique legislative tracking tool, “Freedom Index” (see below). This legislative tracking tool allows users to access an independent, free market view of legislation pending before the Legislature. Moreover, voters can see whether their legislators are voting for free markets or for bigger government. You will be able to see:

  • The relative voting performance of your legislators according to the Freedom Index;
  • The relative voting performance of each party according to the Freedom Index;
  • In many cases you can see the analysis criteria behind the Legislation ranking and download a PDF of Rio Grande Foundation’s Analysis;
  • Links to Legislation detail;
  • Links to Legislator information, including contact information;
  • And selections of Legislation by relevant categories.

Our analysis will often be available before final votes and can be used by both legislators, legislative staff and interested voters to debate the merits of a bill. In short, the Index provides an excellent analysis of bills that will come before committees or a vote on the floor as well as tracking a legislator’s Freedom Index score. The public will find our Freedom Index to be a tool to hold elected officials accountable for their vote and to gain a better understanding of the legislation being proposed by the House or Senate members.