We’re opposing MLG’s NEXT EV mandate: here’s how you can help!

Gov. Lujan Grisham is pushing yet another mandate designed to foist electric vehicles on an unwilling population. This time she’s mandating that parking spaces be outfitted with expensive chargers or be outfitted with the electrical connections to enable the addition of those chargers. 

We’ve rebooted our campaign and are focused on this latest EV mandate. Act now because the deadline for this latest mandate is January 2nd.

We have pre-written responses on our website, but here is RGF president Paul Gessing’s letter to the Construction Industries Division on the topic (feel free to use all or part of this). You can send messages directly to

I write in opposition to the plan to mandate EV charging stations or “EV capable” charging stations in various types of commercial construction. At a price tag of $18,000 per charging unit and nearly $2,000 per “EV capable” parking space, this regulation will inevitably lead to increased costs for all kinds of commercial development. The decision of whether to include EV charging stations in developments should be one made by developers themselves and based on market conditions such as the demand for such units among their potential customers.

I’m particularly concerned about driving costs up for apartment buildings. Apartments are typically resided in by those with lower than average incomes. Conditions are particularly problematic right now thanks to an extremely tight housing market which is present in Albuquerque and other New Mexico cities.

I urge the CID to oppose this harmful regulation.