Taxpayers win big in defeat of APS tax hikes

Proving once again that no matter who voters elect to office, they don’t necessarily support higher taxes and vast increases in the size and scope of government, Albuquerque Public Schools district voters overwhelmingly turned down two tax hikes and a bond measure last night.

The Rio Grande Foundation was among the small group of organizations leading the charge against this massive overreach. Here is a recap from the Albuquerque Journal.

Noted Gesing, for the 3rd time in less than three years (the Santa Fe soda tax and Albuquerque paid sick leave mandate) when voters are given a “clean shot” via the ballot box on issues of taxes or unrealistic mandates, the voters have sided with the Rio Grande Foundation and its views on limited government.

Gessing sat down with KOB-TV immediately after the results were released for a story that can be viewed below. As noted, voter turnout was quite high relative to other APS elections. Whether that was due to the big tax hikes on the ballot or the convenience of the mail-in election is anybody’s guess.