Syndicated Columnist Deroy Murdock’s Presentation on ObamaCare in Albuquerque

Stethoscope on American Flag

The Rio Grande Foundation hosted its latest event on ObamaCare with syndicated columnist and ideas-man Deroy Murdock speaking on the health care law’s myriad problems in Albuquerque:

11-20-13 Deroy Murdock ObamaCare from Paul Gessing on Vimeo.

I call Murdock an “ideas man” because unlike so many writers and pundits, he doesn’t just focus on the problems with the current system. Instead, he actually brings creative solutions to bear:

— Approach health care from an individual, not group perspective;
— Give insurance companies tax breaks for taking on high risk patients and people w/ pre-existing conditions;
— Give doctors tax benefits for treating charity cases/indigent care;
— Allow purchase of health insurance across state lines;
— Provide vouchers (like food stamps for health care) rather than reworking the entire health care system.

Click here for Deroy’s powerpoint presentation.