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075 SB489 Energy Transition Act

Attorney and utility expert Germaine Chappelle returns to the podcast to discuss SB 489 the Energy Transition Act. This legislation just passed the New Mexico Senate (although it had not when we recorded earlier in the week) and it would mandate 50% of all electricity...

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073 Stanley Liebowitz – State Education Rankings

On this episode Paul sits down with Stanley Liebowitz, a professor of economics at University of Texas at Dallas. Liebowitz is co-author of a report which reconsiders the issue of state education rankings. Dr. Liebowitz shares why he sees the issue of education...

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072 Royalties, Janus and Electricity

On this week's podcast Paul and Wally discuss the Albuquerque City Council's action (or lack thereof) on its plastics ban and a defeat for New Mexico's new Land Commissioner on increasing royalty payments. Since Texas is the "model" for Commissioner Garcia-Richard,...

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071 Daniel Libit – NM Fishbowl

Paul talks with Daniel Libit of is Daniel's project that covers the University of New Mexico athletics department from a watchdog journalistic perspective. Paul discusses numerous issues related to Daniel's activities including lawsuits...

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070 Amazon, Plastic Bag Bans, Minimum Wage and Rail Projects

Amazon pulls the plug on NYC. What happened? How generous were those subsidies? How do they stack up compared to what New Mexico gives the film industry? Should young people leave New Mexico or stick it out? ABQ City Council is expected to vote on plastic bag ban on...

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069 Trent England and Electoral College

Paul Gessing sits down with Trent England to discuss efforts in the New Mexico Legislature to make New Mexico nearly irrelevant in US presidential elections. Paul and also discuss minimum wages and Trent's "bird's eye view" of the minimum wage hikes that happened in...

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068 APS Official -RGF is “Faux Think Tank”

Paul and Wally give one more quick recap of the APS tax hike vote. Specifically, the APS bureaucracy has attacked the Rio Grande Foundation. What does it all mean? With everything else going on, the Foundation had an op-ed on Albuquerque's proposed plastic ban. Paul...

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067 Dr. Edward Timmons – Barriers to Work in New Mexico

Paul and Wally give a short update on the results and the Albuquerque Public School mil levy and bond election and what it may mean for future policy and elections. Paul then talks with Edward Timmons, PhD of the Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation...

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066 APS Election, Legislature and more

On episode 66 of Tipping Point New Mexico Paul and Wally discuss the APS tax vote which will be concluded on Tuesday. If people still haven't voted, they can do so by dropping their ballot off at the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office. One notable special interest group...

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SP2 Ken Starr at RGF Luncheon

Rio Grande Foundation's Albuquerque Luncheon with Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr on January 23, 2019. Ken talks about topics related to his book, Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation.

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065 Interview with Kenneth Starr

Paul and Wally have a very special opportunity to sit down with former independent council Kenneth Starr. Starr was the speaker at an RGF luncheon later that day. Paul and Wally ask Starr about his personal background and political philosophy in addition to the...

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