Rio Grande Foundation Releases “Freedom Index” Legislative Tracking Tool for 2017 Session

(Albuquerque) The New Mexico Legislature’s “long” 60-day session begins today with ascendant Democrat majorities in both houses. While some of the faces may be different in Santa Fe, the Rio Grande Foundation will again be keeping an eye on legislation impacting YOUR freedom with its “Freedom Index” legislative tracking tool.

Lawmakers and the interested public can use the “Freedom Index” to get an independent, free market view of pending legislation. Moreover, voters can see whether their legislators are voting for free markets or for bigger government. Votes tallied are “floor” votes.

The most “pro-freedom” bills will receive positive scores as high as +8 while the most “anti-freedom” bills will receive negative scores as low as -8.

Users can see:

  • The relative voting performance of legislators according to the Freedom Index;
  • The relative voting performance of each party according to the Freedom Index;
  • The analysis criteria behind the legislation ranking;
  • Links to legislation detail;
  • Links to legislator Information, including contact information;
  • And selections of legislation by relevant categories.

Our analysis will be available before final votes on those bills that are analyzed and can be used by both legislators, legislative staff and interested voters to debate the merits of a bill.

Rio Grande Foundation president Paul Gessing said of his organization’s legislative tracking web site, “This legislative session takes place at a time of deep economic challenges for our State. It is more important than ever that we have an informed and engaged citizenry. The Freedom Index will help inform the policy debate in Santa Fe and around our State.”