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110 NM Gross Receipts Tax – A Closer Look

On this week’s podcast discussion Paul and Wally take a closer look at the New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax. Why is this tax so problematic? How does the tax inflict harm on New Mexico’s economy while also encouraging the growth of government? Is momentum building for...

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109 John Heaton – Carlsbad Economic Development

On this week's podcast Paul interviews former Democratic State Rep. John Heaton. Heaton currently works with the City of Carlsbad as Energy Development Coordinator. Paul and John spend some time discussing the oil and gas boom and its impact on his area of the State,...

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107 KrisAnne Hall – The United States Constitution

Paul Gessing visits with KrisAnne Hall, the president of Liberty First University. She travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she...

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106 NBC Deal, Kids Count and Bond Ratings

Further details on NBC/Universal deal show just how willing the company is to leave New Mexico. An East Mountain group has organized and is fighting the proposed Bernalillo County sick leave. The Commission is expected to vote on the ordinance as soon as Tuesday....

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105 Caren Cowen – New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association

On this week's podcast, Paul interviews Caren Cowan, Executive Director of the New Mexico Cattle Grower's Association. On this podcast Paul and Caren discuss a variety of issues relevant to ranching and raising cattle including the overall state of rural New Mexico,...

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104 Film Deal, New Ranking for NM and more

Paul and Wally have a wide-ranging discussion on a variety of issues including: • The NBC/Universal deal and it's many problems. • Alyssa Milano develops a rating system for abortion and film. • NM heavy reliance on tax incentives, impacts and possible solutions. •...

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102 Sick Leave, NM Still Lagging and more

Mandatory paid sick leave is heating up. This issue is being discussed at the Bernalillo County Commission and you can take action right now. The vote is expected to take place on June 25. We CAN stop this latest government overreach. According to data from the Pew...

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101 Resource Bank, News and more

On this week's show Paul and Wally discuss the Heritage Foundation's Resource Bank conference in Scottsdale which Paul recently attended. Speakers included: Andy Puzder, Gov. Ducey, Former Arizona Rep. Shadegg, former judge Janice-Rogers Brown. Paul and Wally chat...

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100 Grover Norquist – Americans for Tax Reform

On this week's show which also happens to be the 100th episode of Tipping Point New Mexico, Paul interviews taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. Grover is one of the most prominent leaders in the nation on issues of taxation and...

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