RGF president participates in panel discussions on regulations and EV mandates in New Mexico

RGF president Paul Gessing recently traveled to Ruidoso, NM to participate in the Grassroots Conservative Conference put on by “One Name, One Banner” and Ben Luna.

Paul appeared on a panel with a few ranchers who are dealing with the federal government, but appearing alongside James Lindsay (self-described professional troublemaker) was a special treat.  Paul discusses regulations (and taxes) at the State level and in the Legislature.  The video below provides highlights from the presentations lasting just over 7 minutes.

The following is the full-length conference video. You can find Gessing’s full regulation comments at 2:45 and a panel discussion on electric vehicle mandates with Johnny Johnson of the New Mexico Trucking Association which starts at the 3:25 mark and lasts for about 50 minutes.