Press clips from post-session talk in Los Alamos

The Rio Grande Foundation is a state-wide think tank. If you can get a good number (20 or more) of folks to come out for an event, we’ll likely be willing and able to show up and provide data and information about what is happening in New Mexico.

Foundation president Paul Gessing recently spoke in Los Alamos at an event organized by newly-minted Board member Lisa Shin. Gessing’s talk covered a wide variety of economic issues that were addressed in the 2019 Legislature. Here are a few articles written about the talk:

The Los Alamos Monitor concentrated on the Energy Transition Act and its fallout.

The Los Alamos Reporter wrote a detailed story about legislation which has since been signed by Gov. Lujan-Grisham which implements the gross receipts tax on non-profit managers of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

We at the Rio Grande Foundation look forward to getting out and about around New Mexico to discuss the State economy and what we expect (and what can be done) over the next several months. If you’d like to host us, drop us a line: