Paul’s April 26, 2018 Interview on KSVP Radio

On this week’s interview, Paul discusses:

  • New Mexico offers generous film subsidies, but the State is largely missing out on the upcoming season’s pilots. Paul and Tim discuss the film industry in New Mexico and its economic impact.
  • How does the film program work and why is it a negative for New Mexico’s economy? What do studies say? How much do other industries rely on the film industry?
  • New Mexico is running a massive surplus thanks to oil prices and growing oil production. Gessing discusses why he believes this surplus will play a big role in the Governor’s race. He also explains why the surplus should be used to make long-overdue reforms to New Mexico’s economy like tax and pension reform.
  • Gessing also gives Gov. Susana Martinez considerable credit for opposing the Democrats’ efforts to raise taxes.
  • The latest on Right to Work is that Chaves County is moving, McKinley County holds a final vote, and San Juan County is considering such an ordinance as well.

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