January 27, 2018 Edition of RGF Weekly Radio Show

Welcome to the January 27, 2018 Rio Grande Foundation weekly radio program Tipping Point!

This week’s Tipping Point is comprised of two segments. For the first part of the show Paul interviews Jessica Barnett of the Pennsylvania-based Commonwealth Foundation, a free market think tank based in Pennsylvania. Jessica is co-author of a new report “Transforming Labor: A Comprehensive Nationwide Comparison and Grading of Public Sector Labor Laws“. The report covers a variety of issues dealing with worker freedom among government employees at the state level. New Mexico is, not surprisingly, not ranked very high in the report. Find out why and find out why “Right to Work” is important (but not exhaustive) in improving government employee freedom.

During the second segment, Paul talks to State Representative Rebecca Dow of Truth or Consequences. They talk about how the session is going and what is happening or not happening in Santa Fe. They also discuss her alternative approach to employers providing sick leave.

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