By the left’s own standards (income inequality) New Mexico’s economy is underperforming

We have been doing a lot of work comparing New Mexico’s relatively moribund economy and population growth figures relative to other states. Specifically, we have talked a lot about Colorado’s strict limits on spending and taxes known as the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to income inequality, New Mexico is actually at the high end and is higher than its lower-tax, higher income, blue state neighbor, Colorado. Though, to be fair, New Mexico incomes are more unequal than most states  with the exception of blue-state paragons California, New York, and Connecticut (and purple Louisiana).

Even based on the left’s own supposed metrics which favor equality, liberal-dominated New Mexico is not getting the job done.

Statistic: Gini coefficient as a measure for household income distribution inequality for U.S. states in 2018 | Statista
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