098 Combining UNM and NMSU Sports and more

Tipping Point New Mexico remembers our veterans this week of Memorial Day. 

Paul and Wally discuss the Rio Grande Foundation’s earned news coverage recently in its critique of the “major” college sports programs at UNM and NMSU. In taking the position that student fees and taxpayer dollars should not be diverted to prop up sports programs we put forth the idea of combining NMSU and UNM’s money-losing (and generally uncompetitive) football programs.

Paul and Wally discuss the expanding impact of New Mexico’s film subsidies as San Juan County gets $1 million in capital outlay to build a film studio.

Randal O’Toole eviscerates the Rail Runner with a shocking annual cost per commuter

Talking government employee pay in the wake of big raises for cabinet officials and top city employees.

New education data are out from the US Census Bureau and they again show that NM spends more per-pupil than any of its neighbors.

What would the combined UNM/NMSU fight song sound like? The Tipping Point New Mexico Podcast closes with a tongue-in-cheek proposal.