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Legislative Update Interview: Latest from the 2014 Session

I sat down with Margaret Ortiz at TBN for a discussion of the issues moving through the 2014 legislative session. Things are happening fast at this point at the Roundhouse, but this interview remains relevant as it touches on the big, controversial issues facing...

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Local Rep Leading Fight for States

There is a movement sweeping the nation — bills have been introduced in 23 states including New Mexico — to restore the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution. What, you might say is the 10th Amendment and why is it important? Well, that is part of the...

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The State Investment Council Needs a Closer Look

The pending loss of New Mexico’s $19 million investment in Eclipse Aviation raises important questions about how wisely the State Investment Council (SIC) is handling our money. This is not the first private equity investment by the SIC to go sour. New Mexico lost a...

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Elect Representatives to Serve, Not Bring Home Bacon

With the onset of the first debates in the Republican primary for New Mexico's open US Senate seat, some attention has been temporarily re-focused on the state's myriad congressional races and away from the presidential race. Now is the time to discuss a few broad...

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More Silliness in Santa Fe

In case you have not been following the latest news in the video game industry, you may not be aware that a proposal cooked up right here in New Mexico has made news in gaming circles nationwide. The proposal, which was developed by the Rio Grande Chapter of the...

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Albuquerque Should Learn Lesson from Wi-Fi Debacles

Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez made a splash recently in the local media when he requested proposals from several companies asking them to find ways to create a free, citywide wireless Internet service. Providing free wireless access may sound like a great idea, but...

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Take Time Booting Up Albuquerque Wi-Fi Deal

The city is evaluating plans from five companies that submitted proposals last week to create a citywide wireless system for Internet and other communications. The competitive process was kicked off by Mayor Martin Chávez as a way to bring free wireless to town and...

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County Should Stay Out of Wi-Fi Business

Sandoval County's scandal-plagued effort to create a county-wide publicly financed broadband system has been widely-reported on. The project has received $3 million in state and county funding for the supposed purpose of providing cheap, ultra-high-speed wireless...

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New Mexico’s Legislative Session: Busy But Undistinguished

Many bills were passed during what was by all accounts a busy 60-day session, but the important question is whether we will be better or worse off than we were before. It is impossible to discuss everything that happened, but here are a few important points: First and...

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