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Looking For Death In All The Wrong Places

The furor about Death Panels has recently resurfaced. Unfortunately, public attention is focused in the wrong direction. Death Panels ARE part of the Healthcare “Reform’ Act, just not where the newspaper pundits tell us to beware. HR 3590, perversely titled the...

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N.M. Should Join Suits Against ObamaCare

Our next governor has a huge plate of problems to deal with on Day One of her administration starting next month, and I would have preferred to lessen her decision load, but unfortunately, I'm afraid I'm going to pile on one more — ObamaCare. Twenty states have joined...

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If Obamacare Is Repealed, What Then?

Congressional Republicans are now running for office on a platform of repealing the recent federal takeover of the US health care system. Unfortunately, while repeal would undo a great deal of harm, positive reforms are needed in the health care sector. Rio Grande...

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Ideas for Reforming Government in New Mexico

RGF President Paul Gessing recently presented to a few dozen legislators and prospective legislators. Two of my presentations on Medicaid and growing the New Mexico economy might be of particular interest, so I am posting them here. The Medicaid presentation is...

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Blue Cross Rate Hike: Symptom, Not Cause

There has recently been a great deal of consternation and concern over the rate increase enacted by Blue Cross Blue Shield New Mexico (BCBS). The company, a “mutual” firm which is legally obligated to re-invest any profits back into the company, had originally...

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Dutch Health Care? I’ll Take Albuquerque

Advocates of government-provided health care point to European systems as models. “Socialized medicine is good, and you get it free,” they say.  Well I have friends and relatives in Europe, mostly in the Netherlands, and I’ve spent considerable time dealing with the...

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‘Medicare for All’ Will Bankrupt the United States

New Mexico Sen. Dede Feldman — and many advocates of a government takeover of U.S. health care — is adamant that a so-called "public option" be included in any reform package passed by Congress. In a recent opinion piece, Feldman cited Medicare as a model, saying it...

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Try Free Market Health Care First

In the West Side Journal opinion section last week, two letters and one opinion piece argued for some form of health care "reform." Each of these writers implied that more government involvement in health care is the solution to our problems. No one, with the...

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A Complilation of Socialized Health Care Horror Stories

The Following are a few examples of the ways in which socialized medicine around the world has had a negative impact on patients in dire need of treatment. If a similar system is enacted here in the United States, Americans in need of medical care will encounter many...

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Governor’s Overhaul Can’t Cure Health Care’s Ills

After failing to gain either legislative or popular support for his ambitious, universal health care plan which would have relied heavily on government mandates, Gov. Bill Richardson has introduced a scaled-back proposal that will be considered in the upcoming special...

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Return surplus to taxpayers, abandon health care boondoggle

After a great deal of back and forth, it looks like Governor Richardson will call legislators back to Santa Fe after all. Fortunately, while the Governor had previously stated that health care would be the only topic of discussion during a special session, his stance...

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