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TOPS 4: Controlling Taxing in New Mexico

Get the truth. Much has been written about how the Legislature and Governor have cut income tax rates over the past two years. Yet other prosperity reducing tax rates have either remained too high or gone up. Tax rate increases outweigh tax rate decreases. In fact, the net estimate of all tax rate changes is […]

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Lower Taxes – Period: The Right Way to End the Food Tax

The study “Lower Taxes – Period: The Right Way to End the Food Tax” assesses two bills that were introduced in the 30-day legislative session ending in February, 2002. Both bills gained a good deal of popularity, being marketed as a much needed tax reduction to help the poor and hungry. Executive Summary Eliminating the […]

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First: The Good bills of 2021

The New Mexico Legislature adjourned on Saturday. While most of the bills passed were NOT good, there were a few highlights which we’ll discuss in further blog posts this week. Gov. Lujan Grisham has announced (see this rather bizarre video) where she indicates she’ll soon call a special session to pass marijuana legalization legislation. Here […]

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Initial wave of Worst Senate Bills to watch in 2021

With the Legislature meeting behind closed doors in a “virtual” environment, the potential for mischief is extreme in the 2021 Legislature. We know that Gov. Lujan Grisham has a few stated priorities for the session, but when it comes to the most “progressive” (big-government-oriented) Legislature in New Mexico history, some truly awful bills will be […]


PresidentPaul J. Paul Gessing became the first full-time President of the Rio Grande Foundation in March of 2006. Since joining the Foundation, Gessing has been a prominent voice for limited government and individual liberties in policy areas including: Constitutional liberties, taxes, health care, education, and transportation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Gessing headed up […]

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UNM/NMSU Sports: Reliant on Student Fees, in Need of Re-prioritization/Alignment with University Missions

After initially suggesting a 4 percent tuition increase was needed, The University of New Mexico’s regents recently adopted a 3.1 percent tuition increase for next school year. On the heels of that the Board of Regents just announced that the University would continue subsidizing the athletic department to the tune of $1.2 million annually, a […]

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096 LFC Report, Tariff Impacts, Pay Raises and more

In this week’s discussion, Paul and Wally discuss a recent presentation/report of the Legislative Finance Committee of the New Mexico Legislature. The report shows just how incredible the oil and gas boom going on is, how much New Mexico relies on the industry, and how much is still to come in the Permian Basin assuming […]

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052 Liberty Justice Center Lawsuit in NM, State Budget and Carbon Tax

Paul and Dowd lead off by discussing a recent study on charitable giving from Wallethub. The report ranks New Mexico 45th. Dowd has some concerns about methodology, but no matter what it is an opportunity to urge podcast listeners to support the Rio Grande Foundation and its mission on behalf of limited government and individual […]

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No need for City of Albuquerque Gas Tax

Albuquerque City Councilor Isaac Benton’s proposal to create a 2 cents-per-gallon gas tax will be voted on by the full council on June 5. If enacted, the tax would be a net negative for the city of Albuquerque. Aside from adding to an already-high local tax burden and disproportionately affecting low-income families, Benton’s tax would […]

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Vote Local and for Economic Growth this Election

The Clinton vs. Trump morass seems to have sucked all of the oxygen out of the 2016 election. New Mexico is not identified as a “swing state” worthy of too much time and attention from either major candidate, so in a sense we are lucky enough to have a (relative) reprieve from the pounding drumbeat […]