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028 Opportunities for New Mexico and China

Paul and Dowd interview Deborah Burns of Invest US LLC. Deborah was involved in bringing the US/China business matchmaking conference to Albuquerque in October of 2017. What is happening these days with some of those businesses and job creation? Deborah has spent 6...

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027 It is Time for Gross Receipts Tax Reform and So Much More

Paul and Dowd address why now is the time to reform New Mexico's gross receipts tax. They also address numerous other policies that are negatively impacting New Mexico's economy. Topics include a right to work update, education reform, sick leave proposals and more....

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026 United States Historian Sets the Record Straight

Dowd and Paul discuss important historical points and the way they are often misrepresented by historians with Dr. Larry Schweikart. Schweikart is the Foundation's upcoming speaker at a series of luncheon talks to be given statewide during the week of September 10-14....

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025 What IS Mayor Keller’s Economic Plan for Albuquerque?

On this week's episode of Tipping Point New Mexico Dowd and Paul discuss Albuquerque Mayor Keller's economic development plans. What IS the plan? Will it be effective? What is left out of the plan? In another, related story, Keller has hired the City's "poet laureate"...

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024 D+ from survey of NM small business owners

Paul and Dowd interview Lucas Puente of regarding their recent survey of small business owners around the nation. New Mexico ranks a disappointing 47th and the City of Albuquerque rates a "D+" up slightly from "D" last year. Aside from our own results,...

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023 Spending $1.2 billion, NM’s Freedom Ranking and BBB

Dowd and Paul discuss New Mexico's $1.2 billion surplus and what should be done with the largess. That shifts into a conversation about the Cato Institute's Freedom In the 50 States report which gave New Mexico high marks on personal freedom, but found the State...

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022 Free Trade Talk with Donald Boudreaux

Paul and Dowd talk free trade with George Mason University economist and prominent blogger Donald Boudreaux. Among the issues discussed are how to think about international trade? What are the benefits to trade? What could happen to the US economy and stock markets if...

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020 Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s Education Reform Ideas

Paul and Dowd discuss the details of both New Mexico gubernatorial candidates education reform ideas. Not surprisingly, there are big differences between Lujan-Grisham’s and Pearce’s plans. Paul and Dowd offer their analysis and insights on the plans presented as well...

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019 ABQ More Money Fewer Cops, Gas Tax, RTW and BBB

Paul and Dowd discuss New Mexico’s gas tax and the State’s infrastructure system as a whole (also whether a gas tax hike is needed). It was another big week for Right to Work with San Juan County becoming the 8th New Mexico county to adopt an ordinance. Missouri also...

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018 Spaceport Transparency and Southern NM Politics

Paul and Dowd interview Heath Haussamen, editor and publisher of Topics covered include Heath’s struggles to bring transparency to “Spaceport America,” the demographics and politics of south-central New Mexico, and the contest to replace Steve Pearce...

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017 “Green Jobs”, Medicare for All and Amtrak

Paul and Dowd discuss “green jobs” vs. real energy employment in the Land of Enchantment, some very poor “reporting” on Holtec International’s plan for spent nuclear fuel in the southeast corner of New Mexico, the costly pointlessness of Amtrak’s Southwest Chief, and...

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