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009 Free Trade and New Mexico

Paul and Dowd are back this week and they discuss the importance of free trade and their "Free Trade Fact of the Day" project to remind New Mexicans of the importance of free trade to their families and the State economy. They provide an update on the latest county...

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Paul’s July 5, 2018 Interview on KSVP Radio

On this week's interview, Paul discusses: The brain drain is sapping New Mexico of its youngest, smartest people. New Mexico's unemployment rate has dropped hugely under the Trump Administration. That said, if Trump continues with the trade war, it could have...

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008 Why Americans Pay Too Much for Health Care

Dowd interviews attorney and physician David Hyman, co-author of the new book "Overcharged: Why Americans Pay Too Much For Health Care." Topics covered include Medicare's "efficiency," the problem of third-party payment, and the promise of market-oriented healthcare....

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007 Bureaucrats Behaving Badly and the 2nd of July?

Dowd talks to Path Three Marketing's Wally Drangmeister (whose assistance with Tipping Point New Mexico: The Podcast is invaluable), asks whether Independence Day shouldn't be celebrated on July 2nd, describes the taxation/regulation of fireworks, and delivers the...

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006 Family Prosperity Index and NM

Paul and Dowd interview Scott Moody, co-author of the Family Prosperity Index. New Mexico ranks a dismal 50th in the Index. Why? Why does it matter? What can be done to change the situation? This show connects the breakdown of the family, crime, and New Mexico’s poor...

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005 Supreme Court Tax Ruling and NM and more

Paul and Dowd discuss the Supreme Court's ruling on state's ability to tax online sales and how taxpayers will fare, the Albuquerque City Council's decision on Top Golf (par for the course), gross receipts tax rate increase and New Mexico's population trends compared...

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Paul’s June 20, 2018 Interview on KSVP Radio

On this week's interview, Paul discusses: Eddy County will introduce Right to Work on Tuesday. Crude oil and liquefied natural gas exports are having a big, positive impact. Paul shares a lot of information on how oil and gas exports are growing rapidly. Paul also...

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003 Secretary of State race, exclusive language and more

Dowd and Paul discuss the GOP Secretary of State situation as the Party’s candidate has quit the race.  Dowd and Paul then discuss the exclusive  language being used by Democrat CD 1 candidate Deb Haaland. Next, a discussion of the oil and gas industry, especially the...

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